Great features for bookkeeping.
We make your customers, accountants, and you work even better together.
Remarkably simple.
We create accounting transactions for you, behind the scene. No kidding, that’s the ready-to-go double-entry accounting that your accountants would love. Bookkeeping really becomes a piece of cake.
Professional invoicing.
Send professional invoices to your clients. Hassle-free follow-up.
Get paid instantly.
Your clients click on the payment link and make secure payment using their credit cards or PayPal account.
Not one receipt lost.
Say goodbye to shoeboxes of receipt. Take a snapshot and they will be auto-categorized.
Import expenses.
Import credit card transactions into natbooks. Expense will be auto-categorized.
Easy contact management.
Manage your clients and vendors in one place. See who owe you money and who always paid on time.
Sales tax computation.
Do you collect sales tax from customers? Are your sales tax paid on expenses recoverable? Set up your taxes and let us compute the taxes on your invoices and expenses. At a glance we have the simplest report for you.
Most intuitive.
Who owes you money? How’s your company’s cash-flow? Profit and loss reports, Collectable aging, all at your fingertip. You don’t need an MBA degree to understand your financials.
Find, organize, fast.
Painless search for transactions, receipts, invoices. Bank reconciliation made easy. Your accountant will love it.
Data safe and secure.
Hard drive failure? Virus? No worries, your financial information is completely secure even if your computer is lost or stolen.
Real-time cashflow.
All your users have access to the most updated version of your financial data. Invite your accountant and other professionals to give you real time advice.
Windows, Mac, whatever.
You can work on any platform - Mac, Windows, or Linux. Even from your mobile device. Access your financials from anywhere at anytime.